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Name:Kevan Ho Kay Wei
Marital status:Single
Hometown:Klang Selangor
Speaks:English Mandarin Hokkien
Likes:Making frens and hanging out
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Everyone say that
You will only fall in love
With the same person only once
But that is not true
Everytime I hear your voice
I fall in love all over again
If you love someone
Put their name in a circle
But not in a heart
Cos heart can be broken
But a circle goes on forever


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 5:43 AM
Its easy to fall in love with someone, but its hard to be loved by someone.

Nothing but ABP
Thursday, May 13, 2010 9:31 PM
After thinking and observing, I had made the decision to stay in ABP. ABP is the place where i felt me belongs to. Nothing else can replace its position in my heart. Talking about experience, the opportunity is out there. Everywhere! It depends on how we identify it and develop it. We wont value samething unless it is something that we work hard for it. So the final decision is still to stay and I had rejected the offer.

Saturday, May 8, 2010 6:46 PM
Just when i wanted to settle down another issue arise. Few days back, Din came to me and asked whether am i interested to join the student's council. Basically Im committed to ABP and for me to transfer to student's council i will have to face consequences. But the offer made was to provoking. Previously I had gave up the best opportunity given. Am I going to lose the same thing all over again?

Looking into the consequences.

1) I love ABP! The group are striving through circumstances now and its a bad timing for me to withdraw from it now. And once i joined student's council i will be restricted from joining ABP's activities.

2) My friends were all in ABP. We live as a team and die as a team too. I felt reluctant to leave them.

3) Once i switch to student's council there are for sure SOME of my current group members that will go against me. My acts will be considered selfish.

4) I dont know really know much people from student's council. It will be a brand new life for me if i switched over. Expansion of network is needed.

Looking into the benefits.

1) It will be a golden opportunity for me to brush up my skills. I will be able to learn leadership skills and hold up events. It will be very helpful in determining my future.

2) The authorities provided is wider.

3) Would be able to expand my network. Networking crucial as it would be the capital of a businessman.

Should I switch? Advice needed.

Bad Management
Thursday, April 29, 2010 8:19 AM
This week might be the worst week of the year. Plenty of things happened to me. The performance (Cultural Day) didnt go on that well and the BBQ party had been postponed. Had seen lots of things and got to understand myself better. Things are just not as simple as what I see.

This is the first time for me organizing events. And both of them are big ones. I did not manage my time well and did not build up a strong committee. Did something that I musn't do. I had totally abandoned the Cultural Day and I focused on the BBQ party. And the Cultural Day turn out to be a disaster compared to the other group. The other group did a very good job instead. Everything is well organized. Their group members are committing their level best to make sure that the performance go superb. Bravo! However I still want to thanks to my group members for being there with me. Sorry for bringing all of you down. This incident had taught me or perhaps some of us that teamwork and the leadership of a leader is something that is crucial among a team. When the leader dies, the team dies.

I did focused on BBQ party. But things just went so wrong. The very first thing that an organizer must do when they want to hold an event is to get their committee members. But I didnt do that. Me and Darren rushing with time just to get things done. Hello! Kevan you are running a big event. You're inviting all the lecturers, staffs and students. Two people cant work that out. Therefore everything went upside down. Went to seek for advise from Ms. Premi. She helped me to identify some problems such as; the price is too high, the date is not strategic, no marketing work is done, numbers of people attending is not confirmed. protocol of the event is not set and many more. A potential leader will be able to look into this, able to come out with contingency plan and able to forecast. But inside me, I got none of these.
When I said I got none doesnt mean that im unwilling to learn. Anyway thanks to those who supported the event and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Exam over. More works coming.
Monday, April 26, 2010 9:11 AM
Just finished my SMP and Entrepreneurship exam yesterday. Overall its good. Did my very best and hopefully the result is good too. Now i have to worry about the performance tomorrow and the BBQ party on friday. The BBQ party will once again be one of the ABP's Business Plan's project as Emily and Sathia want to continue with it. These are the information for the BBQ:

Location: ALC College new building's rooftop

Date: 30th April 2010
Time: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
Entrance Fees: RM 20 per person
Limit : 80 people
Closing date: 26th April 2010

P/S: This party only restricted to ALC students, lecturers and staffs.There shall be no outsiders allowed to enter.

I am doing mass marketing for the party but it seems not to turn out well. Most of them (coursemates and seniors) are not joining us. Trying to get feedback from them on that matter. The party is just 4 days away but the number of ppl registered was like so below average. >.<

Im the troublemaker
Friday, April 16, 2010 11:30 PM
Im in deep misery right now. Im not angry with anything but im broken into pieces when you told me that I am the cause to the problem. I was wondering whether is it wrong for me to let go the position? and is it wrong for me to get things right? But now after mirroring myself I found the answer. All these while I am the troublemaker. I know what I suggest ( to find someone to replace Sathia ) is wrong because I had never thought of "who will be replacing Sathia once Sathia is off from the position?" We will then face another conflict during our another election. I will be the cause to that again. I know I couldn't take back my words. But I will then ensure that the words wont be spill out from my mouth anymore. Sathia will always be our leader and no one will be replacing him anymore. I will stop all the bullshits. Due to what I did all these times Im shameful to be into this anymore. That is the reason why I choose to leave. I realize that im the one who always like to act smart but I never think of the consequences. I do things without using my brain. I admit that. It will only be worst if I still stick with it. Give me some time to change myself. I will be back with a better attitude and a better person.

I was the cause to all of your suffers?
Thursday, April 15, 2010 8:06 PM
Just finished with my busy life. Done with my Entrepreneurship assignment and presentation, SMP assignment and performance. Before I get to rest, now I have to workout with my Malaysian Studies presentation. >.<

Guess what. I totally screwed up my entrepreneurship presentation. My presentation was out of topic! Basically we get ourselves in groups and our task is to come out with a business plan to be proposed to our lecturer. But everything went upside down on that day. Did not notice that i was repeating the word "okay" when im presenting eventually it irritates my lecturer. So i got demerit for that. However this is a very good experience tho. For all of us to know what are our weaknesses. Anyway thanks to my group members; XiaoHow, Ivan, Henrey and Eric.

Lets go back to the topic. "I was the cause to all your suffers?" How this thing starts? few months back I was voted to be the leader of SBP team. But due to the poor time management by me I decided to gave up the position. And eventually the assistant leader, Joey had also gave up her position. Therefore we have Sathia as the leader
and Emily as the assistant leader. And recently I had been involving with all the managing stuff especially during the performances. Being a meddler. Why I involve myself into this? Because I wanna show off? Because I wanna overwhelmed Sathia and Emily? Because I too free and got nothing to do? Hell NO. I did all these because its for our team. Sathia do not bother about managing all that. He's busy having his meal and chatting with his friends when we were not unsure of what are we going to perform. I didnt ask anything from all of you. I just want things to run smoothly. Since he's not responsible for his roles, what is the point keeping him? I told Emily about this and we will make the final decision after the bowling competition which will be held next month. But what I get from Emily is that I was the cause to all these. I was the one who gave up the position at the first place. And now I wanna take Sathia off from his position. She also said that I had put inappropriate pressure on Sathia which I think I never. What I told Sathia to do was all his roles. I had think for quite some time about what she said. And I had made a final decision to let go everything. I will not interfere anymore. I do admit that sometimes I over reacted and I like to command people. That's my bad. So officially I will withdraw after the BBQ party which was my idea. The BBQ party will not be a part of the SBP Business Plan anymore and the SBP business plan will be terminated once Sathia and Emily agreed to terminate it. The fund raised from the BBQ will be used to support the bowling training. This doesnt mean that I gave up SBP team, I will still be a part of SBP team. As a normal member, involve in the activities and give cooperation to the SBP team.

P/S: What I wrote was basically what I think. Forgive me if I express it wrongly.
(17/4) I realized that what Emily told me was basically right. Im the troublemaker for all these times. Look into my post titled "Im the troublemaker".